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80% to 90% of Vietnamese people have dental problems

Normally, many Vietnamese suffer from dental problems,
such as serious tooth decay leading to toothache,
such as bad breath that hardly recognizable.
The rate of infection is 80% to 90%.
In other words, these are not a problem for anyone.

Tooth decay prevention

Cavity is loss

- Cavity tooth can never become healthy anymore.

- In some cases, you need oral surgery.

- Otherwise, you have to pay a lot of money.

- In the worst case, it may affect to your life.

Symptoms of cavity

- Toothache.

- Swollen gums.

- Loose tooth root.

- Bad odour breath.

- Biting / Chewing food which makes your teeth hurt.

- Cold water makes your teeth frostbite.

- Swollen gums and caries make you look worse.

Xylitol reduces the risk of tooth decay, Increase calcium content, reduce plaque, make teeth stronger

Bacteria Streptococcus Mutans absorbs Xylitol

Bacteria can not ferment
to produce acid

Bacteria continue to absorb more Xylitol

Xylitol can reduce acid by destroying bacteria

Health habits beginning with Lotte Xylitol recommended by VOSA

Handy 58g

Blister 11.6g

Eat 2 pieces at a time, after every meal.
XYLITOL enhance your teeth’s calcium
and keep it healthy.

Let’s get started with LOTTE XYLITOL